CHIOPT XTREME Zoom 28-85mm T3.2 Compact Zoom Cine Lens (PL Mount)


The Xtreme series is a modern multi-zoom cinema lens set developed by us for large-format camera systems. It strictly follows the optical and mechanical structure requirements of the film industry. It is newly developed and manufactured. 28-85mm is in this series. The first product of, covering the more commonly used focal lengths, has a T3.2 constant aperture, 6-8K-level clarity, precise par focal function, well-controlled breathing, sharp and unfavorable focal inside, soft transition outside focal length, and enhanced In addition to glare suppression, it has a DIY bayonet design, and provides multiple bayonet system options such as PL, EF, and E. Among similar products, the volume and weight control are more excellent.

Key Points:

  • 28-85mm Lens Covers Full-Frame Sensors
  • 9-Blade Iris, T3.2-T22 Aperture
  • 288° Focus Ring Rotation
  • 114mm Front Diameter
  • 96° Zoom Ring Rotation
  • Parfocal Design to Zoom & Maintain Focus
  • Minimal Lens Breathing Distortion
  • Minimum Focus Distance of 15.7"
  • Focus Scales Visible in Meters & Feet


With a field diameter of 46 mm, it is suitable for a wide range of large format camera systems and is compatible with Super 35 format for a long life cycle and greater investment value.

Par focal:

This series of lenses can ensure par focal accuracy when the back focus is accurate. For the back focus adjustment function, please refer to the manual or search in the site.

Focal length:

The first lens is 3x zoom, the zoom range is 28-85mm, covering common focal lengths, one is more than one, more practical, leave a message in the station, wide-angle zoom, telephoto zoom, which focal length is more in line with your needs.

Breathing effect:

Excellent breathing effect control ability, easier to shift the focus of the composition.


The PL native mount is standard, and a full range of EF and E mounts are also available for use with the SLASHER series, for a variety of camera systems. More bayonets will be launched later, so stay tuned.

What is in the box:

  • 1* CHIOPT XTREME ZOOM 28-85mm T3.2 Compact Zoom Cine Lens (PL Mount)